Viene Mashíaj - La única web en español sobre la llegada del Mashiaj. El objetivo de la vida, hacer de este mundo una morada para Di-s. La llegada del Mashiaj es uno de los 13 principios de fe del pueblo judío. El Rebe de Lubavitch ha anunciado lo inminente de este fenómeno y está en nuestras manos lograrlo. ¿Como? Estudiando sobre el Mashiaj y la Gueulá. Creada y editada por Centro Leoded - Jabad Argentina
יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד

Dvar Malchus in spanish!

News in Leoded Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina from a shliach Rabbi Moshe Blumenfeld

After editing and publishing the first two books in Spanish titled "Mashíaj Diario" (Haiom iom Moshiach) and "Viene Mashíaj" (Moshiach is coming), is ready to publish the third book, called "Dvar Malchus" which will have more than 600 pages. It is a book that brings all the teachings of Rebbe of Lubavitch, week after week of parsha (section) of the Torah, from the years 5751 and 5752 (1991-1992) which contains extraordinary messages regarding the imminent arrival of Mashiach, for the first time in Spanish

To publish it we need your help, you can donate and receive a space for a family dedication or in memory of a soul, which will be placed in a special section of the book. 
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